How many times have you been told that you can’t do something? When you tell people that you want to do this and do that and become this and become that someday, and they just laugh at you and tell you that you just can’t do it. Well, there will always be some who will do anything to bring you down, some who are just straightforward to tell you that they think you can’t and of course, those who believe in you.

I want to be successful.” “I want to be adventurous.” “I want to be happy.” “I want to have my own business.” “I want to be a writer.” “I want to inspire people.” “I want to be fit and healthy.” These are small things we used to tell ourselves that we’d want to do or become someday. These are our goals and aspirations that inspire us to keep on moving forward. And little by little, we know that we are one step closer from our goal every time we make certain decisions.

These things define not how we really see ourselves but rather how high we are really looking at our own capabilities. Because in reality, when you want to do something, the first thing that you think of is not why you want to do it but rather will you be able to do it. One of our first fears on a certain goal is on whether we could be able to make it.

Everyone is capable to be as great as they can be. Just stop trying to make yourself the ‘perfect’ person that you’d want yourself to become and start making yourself the ‘right one’ to reach your goals. Because although perfection can make you get through a certain goal but after it, it will be pointless. Doing the right decisions, the right choices and becoming the right one for your goal will make you learn more. And as you learn, you’ll never stop trying to be better.

Be limitless as you can be. Always remember that no one can stop you from doing what you want unless you let them. Unless you stop learning and trying. This year’s “Limitless” theme is by far my most significant theme in the blog not only because it’s my 100th article published here, but also because that is how I am trying myself to become little by little. I’ve experienced every single criticism and been down for some time and I’ve come to realize that it’s time to make myself worthy of every happiness that I deserve.

Like the song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, “There’s always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose. Ain’t about how fast I get there, Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb.” – It doesn’t matter when you fall for as long as you don’t stop there. Life’s goals may take some time but know that every step you do makes you closer than yesterday.

Today, I am happier. I am better. I am wiser. And the most important thing, I am at my best. And it’s all because I’ve decided to be limitless with my goals. I’ve decided to go push myself out of the box; my comfort zone and strive to be the best that I can be. And only if everyone can think of being as limitless as they can be, I know that it will definitely make the world the best place ever.

“Wherever you are today is what you used to want to become. And what you used to ‘want to become’ should always begin with a goal and a burning passion to be limitless.” – HC

2014 HC Blog Header

The After-College Bites

The After-College Bites


This is somewhat related to my past article, 5 Things You Realize After College, but more of an eye opener of what really is like being outside of our comfort zone after many years. We’ve been trying to tell ourselves too much of how we miss college but actually what we miss is not college but who we were during college.

We have been inside of the box, filled with the comfort of our own resources and surrounded by at least those that we are familiar with, that we don’t know what it feels like to be talking to an outsider. Yes, I believe each and every one of us has experienced those little chills when we think of going outside our own boxes before.

But life is totally different from what it seems like to be a perfect world. Life often gives you the opposite of what you have perceived when you least expect it. The values of money makes you realize that it is as hard to earn money as it is to spend it knowing you are the one who worked for it. Isn’t it ironic how perceptions have shifted from “dad can afford it” to “I think it’s too much for my salary”?

The Value of time makes you more appreciative of what you have and have been to. College life was fun because we get to reminisce good things. But it can also make you feel remorseful as well on the things that you thought you should have done.

But the real bite would be the “Now what?” question that you’ll ask yourself after college. I asked it myself right after our graduation. Now, what do I do? The hardest thing about life is not about finding yourself where you belong to, but to create yourself on where you would want to go.

And one of the latter is choosing the career path that you are going to take. It may sound easy, but actually I’ve met a couple of people who have shifted careers at their quarter-life identity crisis. They have not yet found themselves until now that they still cannot make their career path. And that is one big problem.

Life starts after college. After you have received your degree diploma, after you walked the isle wearing your toga, and outside your comfort zone. Life will often give you a lot to think about but always be thankful that you think about these things. Because in the end, life is how you make it.  You create yourself based on how you would want yourself to be and after college; reality will bite you big time to be who you want to become, so be as great as you can be.

Habit Four: Think Win-Win

Habit Four: Think Win-Win


Leadership is not defined by the number of people who follows you or who is not underneath your authority but more of the values that you have put and influenced upon them. Habit four speaks of the different approach on interpersonal leadership, building relationship with others.

In order for you to become an effective leader, you must first know how to manage uncertainties of life, knowing that not everything is meant for a win-win situation. There are different paradigms of the so called interaction. These are win-win, win-lose, lose-win, and lose-lose. Although each of it can be happening in real life, as a leader, you must know how to maximize opportunities and minimize clashes as possible.

Win-Win. This situation is mutually beneficial for both parties. Both parties have thought of things, shared opinions on a situation and agreed on whatever decision you will be acting in order to resolve an issue. The great thing about thinking win-win is that you do not conflict with each other and both of you have come out on top. Win-win thinking sees situations in a cooperative instead of competitive manner.

Win-Lose. This situation emphasizes authority and competitiveness. The mindset of ‘I’m always right’ usually comes out of this situation. Although there are some instances where this situation might be needed (let’s say in a debate or in a hearing on the court), it may not be that effective when used in leadership because it makes the losing team feel rejected. The good side is that this situation also empowers a strong will for decision-making, telling others “I know what I am doing”.

Lose-Win. This situation is more of the peace-making side where you have decided to give it to him or her and let her win an argument so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts anymore. The good side is yes, it promotes peace and harmony and you get to see your friend happy, but the bad side is that there will be resentments in the end.

Lose-Lose. Well, for me, this situation is the most unproductive one since it all leads to a clash. Both mindsets are on not letting ‘the other one’ win, and later on results to nothing. This situation emphasizes on the inability to make a decision, since both are actually demanding for their own decision.

There might be instances where we will experience different scenarios, and not all scenarios should always be approached by a Win-Win situation. Every scenario depends on how you’d want to resolve a problem and each of the situations can help interpersonal relationship towards others. For instance, Lose-win situation promotes humility and Win-lose signify decisiveness.

As what Stephen Covey in his book said, a person or organization that approaches conflicts with a win-win attitude possesses three vital character traits:

  1. Integrity: sticking with your true feelings, values, and commitments
  2. Maturity: expressing your ideas and feelings with courage and consideration for the ideas and feelings of others
  3. Abundance Mentality: believing there is plenty for everyone

You need to be decisive in the Win-Win situation. You just don’t need to be nice, or tough. You have to be both. You need to be as understanding as possible, but also as firm as you can be.

To go for win-win, you not only have to be empathic, but you also have to be confident. You not only have to be considerate and sensitive, you also have to be brave. To do that–to achieve that balance between courage and consideration–is the essence of real maturity and is fundamental to win-win.” –  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 5 Secrets of Friendship

The 5 Secrets of Friendship


There’s a point in life where you’ll find people who are for keeps. They are those who’ve known you, for some, for many years now or even those who’ve stayed with you through ups and downs. Although there are actually no ‘requirements’ for you to be friends with someone, but you’ll know it when it is the real thing between you and these people.

They say others cannot judge you the way your friends does. Of course, they know you better. Although not everyone you thought your friend is really your friend. But you cannot also judge those who have gone in your circle – maybe they have found theirs as well.

When you met someone you jive with, all the things you like and stuff you hate is as same as his or hers, does it mean you’re already friends? And when you both consider yourselves ‘friends’, how sure are you that he is a real one? There are a lot of things that is to be valued for friendship. But there are also secrets in order for you to have a great friendship.

Friendship is great. When you are with the people who you consider to have known you ever since, when you are with the people you are truly comfortable with, it’s really a great feeling. Does friendship last? Of course it does, with the right way of maintaining it. And for you to maintain them, you have to:

Accept. You always have to accept each other, from your imperfections to your flaws. A real friendship is when you accept who you are and what you are not, no pretensions, no other excuses to things you don’t have.

Grow. From accepting each other, that’s the point you both grow. Growth in terms of the maturity of your friendship, knowing that there may be some misunderstandings or fights on you, but you both accept your mistakes and continue to grow. A real friend is someone that will help you grow for the better. Someone who will make you realize your mistakes and learns from them.

Develop. As your friendship goes through hardship, you both develop the sense of fulfillment toward each other. A true friend lets you develop the person in you. Someone who will respect, and give full support on your goals and dreams and not to contradict them for him to feel ahead of you.

Influence. A friend influences good things to his friends. You give them inspiration to move forward, reach for their dreams, and never be afraid to the challenges ahead. You make them feel that you are always here for them and got their back if ever something goes wrong. And if something does, you are here to make them feel that they have done the right thing in trying.

Love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to feel love. You get love from your family and of course, friends. In friendship, love is one of the biggest and yet hardest foundation of friendship. And I’m not talking about ‘falling in love’, okay? Just pure love and care toward your friends. Because if you love your friends, everything else follows through – you trust and believe in his or her capabilities, you’ll learn things from each other and grow from one another.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Just focus on the people who have been there for you all along because they deserve your real friendship. And for the others, at some point you have to let them go and that is the hardest part about love – letting them free in order to be happy.


Internet Marketing & Online Businesses

Internet Marketing and Online Businesses

internet marketing

As the world advance towards technology, the use of the internet has opened opportunities not only for socialization purposes and research, but also for different businesses and transactions. Indeed, there isn’t a thing internet could not do these days. There is no other way that a person could do his work efficiently than through the means of internet and businesses these days uses the so called internet marketing to make everything easier.

Similar to the agenda of the actual marketing, internet marketing is also convincing and it has already influencing a lot today. Social networking sites paved way into the internet marketing world especially for the so called ‘online shops’ that is available worldwide. It easily connects through the consumers and thus, makes every transaction smooth and instant.

Although internet marketing has an advantage especially to those who shop online, it also has some disadvantages. Being able to post from blogs to social media, a consumer can have options from one product to the other. Since it is being viewed through social networking sites and over the internet, consumers shop comfortably and convenience.

Thus, it can never be assured that you always get what you paid for. These types of businesses can also bring harm to consumers in terms of the latter’s safety and protection from fake sellers and false advertisements.

When buying online, always make sure to check on the seller’s background. A good reputation is an indicator that the seller is legitimate and doing good business. As for the buyer, it is also a seller’s responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. There also some instances where there are fake buyers who try to fool online sellers. Both parties should always be cautious in a transaction.

Although things can be done a lot easier today, it still doesn’t change the fact that people should always be vigilant and wise enough when buying online. You may be shopping and selling for convenience, but the risk that you are taking is actually higher.

Going Green

It was January 2014 when I have decided to go full green and cut all the ‘carbs‘. Since then, I have been doing a lot of diet and exercise. But sometimes, it’s hard not to eat, right? So here are some of my tips for a successful “Diet Psychology“. Wanting to lose weight requires strict discipline and determination. So if you want to lose more weight, diet more.

1. Always think of your end goal. Think of your target weight that you’d want to have months from now. Know what weight are you in and always motivate yourself. Remember even a small lose of pounds is a big milestone.

2. Don’t do sudden diet on your body. If you want to start dieting, don’t startle your body. Cut off some rice and carbs moderately and little by little. Start by a cup of rice per day in a week, then half rice next week, until your body can cope up to that change.

3. Don’t stress eat. If you feel kind of hungry, you can eat some fruits, yogurt or some nuts just to make yourself think that you’re eating and not be hungry anymore. Do not eat out of impulse or cravings.

4. Work on your weakness. If you love sweets, or burgers, pizza, and pasta, try to overcome it. Knowing your weakness will help you not eat them especially when you are already in the middle of your diet.

5. Give yourself a ‘good’ treat. If you have accomplished a diet for a week, great! Give yourself a reward or you can have a moderate cheat day but still make sure that you know that it is a cheat day.

6. Love your diet. One of the most effective way of a successful diet is to love it. Love what you eat and love yourself. The secret to it is just control and discipline.

Going green is not that bad! You just have to know how to eat good healthy food. And to help you out, here are some of my most favorite salads. Who said healthy food is not delicious? ;)

Asian Salad - Banapple

Asian Salad – Banapple

Ceasar Salad - Bonchon Chicken

Caesar Salad – Bonchon Chicken

Charlie's Green - Chicken Charlie

Charlie’s Greens – Chicken Charlie

Crispy Lengua Ceasar Salad - Casa Roces

Crispy Lengua Ceasar Salad – Casa Roces

Grilled Chicken Salad - Bugsy's

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad – Bugsy’s

Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo Salad in Asian Sauce - Stacy's

Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo Salad in Asian Sauce – Stacy’s

Healthy Tofu Salad - Conti's

Healthy Tofu Salad – Conti’s

Sink or Swim - Kitchen

Sink or Swim – Kitchen

Spicy Maguro Salad - Kimono Ken

Spicy Maguro Salad – Kimono Ken

Spicy Tuna Salad - Tokyo Bubbletea

Spicy Tuna Salad – Tokyo Bubbletea

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Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

graduation2 (1)

Obviously, it has always been every college student’s dream to graduate. Yes, imagining themselves walking down the aisle, wearing their alma mater’s toga and seen by their proud parents and loved ones. It seems like college life ends right there. All the school stuff, exams, research papers and thesis ends right there. And as you hold your diploma and become a degree holder, reality welcomes you and says: “Congratulations and welcome to real life!

Being a graduate for more than a year now, I have come to realize why I chose to write this article just now when in fact I have thought of writing this the day after I graduated from college. Well, at that time, I just did not know where to start. I had so many things going in my head that I told myself I’d want to write this when I’m ready. And now I am.

Greater Challenges Ahead.

College was never a challenge for me. Not bragging about it (academically speaking) but I have already realized right from the start that what waits after college was more challenging than college itself because everyone else (who graduated) is already there. Eyes will begin to stare at you as soon as you graduate and literally, it just freaks me out.

In reality, it is not just about how well you did but how far will you go. There are no more second chances that if you fail a test, you’d try to make up with another one. There are no more “review first then exam later” scenarios. The harsh reality gives you tests first before you learn more.

The Value of Money.

I used to not realize how hard it is to earn money until I earn it myself. The allowances we’ve spent for clothes, gadgets, and a little bit of our luxuries, all of these hurts when you spend your own hard-earned cash, trust me. Especially when you realize that you have been spending so much on things which will not give you any benefit in the future.

And of course, you’ll learn the importance for saving. You wouldn’t want to throw away your hard-earned money, right? So save more than what you spend on and try to invest a little, if it will result to a greater profit in the future.

Time and Priorities.

When you are more of the ‘fun-loving’ people at college, you might want to ‘lie-low’ a little because you won’t be having too much time for that after college. Work will definitely keep you pre-occupied and sooner or later, you’ll know your priorities whether if it is for a family event, a hobby, concerts, parties lunch or dinner outs and fun.

You will soon realize the value of time: the time lost for silly little things, and the time you should have spent on for something that would result to a better you today. All these things cannot be undone, but this time, you’ll definitely appreciate more things for productivity, wellness and relaxation after a week of stressful works.

True Friends.

They always say that no matter how long you have not talked to your friends, but when you do, it will always be the same crazy talks, laughs and love, that’s true friendship. You will realize who your true friends are, those who never left you. Those who have always been proud of what you have become but still tease you things just like the way it was at college.

They are those who might not always be there physically but when you seek for advice or help, would be there for you. I am very grateful to have found these friends, even before college, at college and until now. Appreciate more of them and enjoy your time on being together.

Life and Change.

After college, you’ll learn appreciate life more. How things have changed over the past years, how wide your learning have become. How well you grew. And as soon as one chapter of it ends, another life begins and awaits you.

You’ll soon find yourself ready for more challenges ahead, new obstacles to face, but as you try to look at how far you have become, always remember that you once made a decision to make it where you are today. Congratulations for having the eagerness to go from one to another chapter of your life. And as you come across a new one, learn to know what you need to know and always make yourself worthy for a better change.

There will always be no other way in life but to keep forward.

5 Things you should realize on Valentine’s Day


I’m sure some have experienced being taken or having a ‘taken’ friend getting excited over Valentine’s Day. Whether where they are going to spend it, wondering what surprises awaits for her, from chocolates and sweet treats, bouquets of flowers, big and cuddly teddy bears to other gimmicks to whatever her boyfriend has in mind for his ‘one and only’, everything just comes out of excitement.

Well, year by year, and as we grow old, I’ve experienced seeing, observing and realizing what people think of during this ‘Love Season’ and these are the five things that I believe people should realize on Valentine’s Day:

5. Valentine’s Day makes you realize if you are really alone


Yes, as you see your instagram feeds flood with couplefies (selfie for couples) and you take time to think and ask yourself the question “why am I alone on Valentine’s Day?” and suddenly remembered why and say “oh, yeah, I prefer to be alone.” It makes you realize whether if you just really prefer to be alone or you are literally alone.

Some people prefer being alone because they know they are strong enough not to be dependent of others, especially being in a relationship just to be happy. And yeah, cheers to that!

4. Never date for the sake of having ‘company’


This one’s a good one. I’ve heard so many stories of people wanting to be ‘in’ the trend that they would have to find a date to date on Valentine’s Day. Be it with a friend’s friend or blind date, most of them regret it because they realized that it was just a waste of time.

I’m not saying not to meet people and go out on a date or blind date, but sometimes, people get pressured on Valentine’s that what is in their mindset is that they need to have a date or else people would laugh at them and talk at their back. I tell you, you just cannot be happy doing something you don’t want to do.

3. Finding a relationship gets tougher as you mature

Mixed group business people in office

As we grow old, and of course for some, learn from their past relationships and experiences, we realize that the older we get, the more things we want to achieve, the more things that we want to do, the tougher to find a partner. We begin to realize that relationship is not just something to have company with but more of someone to complement the growing standards in our lifestyles.

The older we get, the bigger things we see. And by the time we are matured enough, some would laugh at their ‘young’ times where they’d almost die for love and being ‘broken-hearted‘. But what is important is that you have learned from all the pain.

2. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples

couple picture

We also realize that this day is not just for couples. It’s also a day to appreciate people who have been at your side, appreciate the love and care that they have been giving you. Share your Valentine’s Day with friends, family, best buddies and thank them because they have been at your side for some time now.

And at some point, you also realize that building good relationship with these people are more important that focusing and stressing yourself too much of finding ‘the right one’.

1. Love and be loved


And the most important thing, Valentine’s Day is a day to express ‘love’. It was never said that you should be in a relationship in order for you to celebrate that day. Always remember that love is beyond than just having a boyfriend / girlfriend because it is more than just being in a relationship. Don’t stress yourself too much on finding ‘the one’ because love takes time.

Just learn to love, love and be loved. It’s one of the most wonderful basic rules of life.

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life.”

2013, A Year of Happiness!

Well it is the time where Filipinos get to sing “Tease” the season to be jolly, because everywhere you go, there’s food! Well, we get it, we Filipinos love to eat. Everywhere we go, eating is something that is inevitable. And there’s just no perfect time but this season to spice up and make our tummies happy again! And no, we will be setting aside those ‘diet’ days coz it’s going to be a pig-out December for our Christmas and New Year’s Celebration.

And when you think of this season, it is just impossible not to think about food! And there’s no more place that is as heavenly as those of the famous buffet restaurants around, ready to fill in our tummies with the luxurious, mouth-watering, and delicious cuisines made available in just one place.

And yes, I’ve compiled some of the bests, that I have personally tried myself, into my New Year’s article, giving you my Top 10 Most Favorite recent “Buffet” and “Eat-All-You-Can” restos!

10. Yabu: House of Katsu

Ranking tenth is Yabu, the house of Katsu. Well, technically it is not “Eat all you can” but more of the unlimited everything except the katsu itself. That is why I ranked it 10th on my list. But the food itself is just great. The combination of the cabbage, katsudon, miso soup, Japanese rice, and some condiments is simply mouth watering that we have been to their Robinsons Magnolia branch every time we are there (and trust me, we are there as frequent as every weekends).





9. Don Day

Affordability wise, this is the resto to look out for especially for those who love love and love Korean food. Don Day is a Korean barbeque grill along Timog, Quezon City which offers a lot of Korean food aside from the barbeque itself at a much affordable price. I’ve been here and trust me, I always go out with a happy tummy after visit.



8. Something Fishy

Eighth on my list is the Something Fishy resto. This buffet caters mostly sea-food dishes but is not just limited to it as well. I super love their baked oysters and actually got addicted to it the moment I tasted it. Aside from oysters, they also have sushi, grilling station where you can request to grill some seafood and have it delivered to your table and other Filipino dishes. And the best part? It’s affordable and you also get some of their staffs to serenade you with any song (almost anything).




7. Saisaki – Dad’s – Kamayan

Ranking seventh is Saisaki – Dad’s. It is probably one of the most well-known buffet restaurants here since I have been there back then I was a child. I super love their sushi bar because it feels like everything is complete and I love Japanese food. Aside from Japanese, they also have Dad’s on the other side, where famous Filipino dishes are catered. One Filipino dish I love is an exotic “kuhol” or snail in coconut milk sauce. It may not sound delish but trust me, it is! Oh and they also have singing staffs there.



6. Alba

Alba is the place to go when you are feeling like going Spanish. My grandparents love eating here especially their Paella (a Spanish dish where rice and seafood are a perfect match). I specially love their ambiance, the feel of going to a humble Spanish home with a twist of a little gourmet like-style. It may be pricey, but definitely worth trying.

securedownload (2)

securedownload (1)





Ahh, the ever favorite Yakimix. This buffet also caters the “grill your own” food like Don Day and Kpub but with different flavors. It is basically not into a specific cuisine. Aside from grilling they also have Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and other famous dishes from different cuisines available. Just perfect for gathering, birthday celebrations (where you get yourself free on your birthday day) and reunion with friends.





This maybe my 4th place but it’s definitely bringing my best throwback memory of 2013 because this is where I celebrated my birthday with my BFFs. Somewhat, Kpub is similar to Don Day where Korean cuisine is their focus of the dishes that they serve. But Kpub focuses more on its ‘meat-all-you-can’ claim and it definitely wins the ambiance because of its uber modern style from technologies to aesthetics. I just love how their dessert quenches everything. You just have to try it yourself!

photo 5




3.The Buffet

Top 3 on my list is The Buffet. Aside from the glorious castle-like ambiance that it emphasizes on, I just love how dishes are organized. From different cuisines to different type of food, you’ll never get lost when eating there. The buffet also caters different cuisines and famous dishes available and it’s definitely winning my “Not-getting-lost-on-food” award because of the simplicity yet sophisticated way of having everything organized into perfection. My friends had a great time during our reunion there.

66661_10200572511185725_1090778291_n 197165_10200572514225801_2123531613_n 549935_10200572513145774_1063542730_n 577342_10200572514745814_583636161_n


Second on my list is probably one of the biggest buffet restaurants I’ve been to. Aside from the fact that is big, their food is also as big as you can imagine. They have wide variety of food, cuisines and the best part is how they celebrate a birthday. Because aside from the fact that you are free (on your birthday day as well) they would get you a Viking hat, backdrop and sing you a happy birthday song (while being videoed by your loved one). Vikings emphasizes more on client-relationship and satisfaction and therefore, will have my “I heart this” award for making their customers feeling special.


VikingsSushi_zpsd459e16evikings3 (1)vikings3

1.Buffet 101

Topping my list, is my “favorit-est buffet place on earth” awardee, Buffet 101. Well, aside from the free-birthday treat again that they also offer, you will also get the chance to feel the grand and classy ambiance that they give their customers, and they also have a wide variety of gourmet food, dishes and cuisines available for every food enthusiasts. We’ve celebrated Christmas and special occasions here and everything is just purely magical and tummy-loving. Buffet 101 is definitely worth trying!









Wow! Writing these made me hungry! I guess I have to try, discover and enjoy more restaurants and make you all hungrier next year! Just kidding. They always say ‘you are what you eat’ but hey, don’t stress yourself too much on diet and not eating. You also need couple of cheat days and… Relax, it’s Christmas season! Well, New Year actually.

Thank you for a truly awesome 2013 blogging experience and may you all have a wonderful New Year ahead.

The Christmas Blog 2013

Harley Christmas

There comes a point in life where everything is a swift away. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself ending up with things you never thought that would happen. Regret, misery and depression comes next. Soon, you will start questioning what the meaning of your life is.

Every year, everyone go through a lot of things that tests his capability and faith. Each challenge only proves two things, either we win or learn. There’s no point of living a life that is perfect because it hinders our ability to learn. Life is about learning and knowing where you want to be few years from now.

Oftentimes, Christmas has been one of the ways of making you and your loved ones feel the love through sharing. They would always say that it is the ‘season of giving’. It is the time to be thankful to God of all the opportunities that you went through over the year, positive or negative. It is the time to appreciate that there is always more than just failing because failing made you stronger and wiser.

Value everything that made you learn more. Be it at school, at work, or even the wrong decisions that you may have done over the past few months or years. Remember that there is no such thing as failing. Everything is for the sake of learning and therefore must be valued.

This season, everyone may as not be as happy as others or vice versa, but the spirit of learning is always present. Always be thankful of things that gave you knowledge. Always be thankful to God who made every single road for you to take on this journey.

Christmas may be the perfect season for gift-giving but always remember that the greatest gift one can give to others is the value of love, but the greatest gift that a person can give to himself is the value of self-worth.

Thank you for making my 2013 a memorable one.

Happy Holidays!